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Golden - Jessi Kirby I got through about 60% of this book before deciding that I'm simply not interested in reading anymore. It's been a brief, sadly trite journey with Parker, one I don't intend to pursue any farther.

The writing is drab, a characteristic perhaps unfairly emphasized when juxtaposed with Robert Frost's all the damn time. The plot is stale and predictable. The characters' internal and external progression both had me yawning. What's worse, I can't get over the author's damaging implications that one has to reinvent themselves in the light of an SO--Parker with Trevor and Julianna with Orion--or that doing well in school and keeping your future in mind is somehow boring or less important than inane high school compulsions.

Not my favorite book, to say the least.

Quick edit: After skimming other reviews, I decided to power through the rest of the book. Still a tidy, bland book rife with increasingly dull characters.